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Wayne Scoles - Mayoral Candidate

Meet Wayne Scoles Meet Wayne Scoles

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.


Wayne Scoles
1414 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA  93109

My name is Wayne Scoles and I am running for the office of Mayor for the city of Santa Barbara. I am 60 years old and I have lived in Santa Barbara for 39 years.

I have a BA degree in studio art with a minor in history from UCSB. I earned my teaching credential from the graduate school of education at UCSB as well.

My working career has included being a public school teacher, owner and operator of a home health care agency as well as a 6 bed independent living residential home.

I am also a "Journeyman" plumber and pipefitter. The types of work I have done in this field are:

  • Nuclear
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Gas Brazing
  • High purity piping
  • Computer chip plant
  • Solar Farms
  • Oil Refineries
  • Hospitals

I have also worked in the film industry, both production and in front of the camera.

If I am elected Mayor, my main objectives will be to:

  • Eliminate gangs with programs for those who want help and tough law inforcement for those who don't.
  • Not allow higher density development downtown or in our neighborhoods.
  • More public input in city projects such as narrowing State Street at Cabrillo and bulb outs. We can do this with computer/phone networking.
  • Have strictor law enforcement for criminal homeless who will not except optional help.
  • Allowing Santa Barbara citizens to come first in our decision making.
  • Incorporate a more, well balanced budget. "You can not spend what you don't have." When cuts need to be made, we need to ensure that we have the least amount of impact on services. I believe we can have an employee bonus program. For example, a one time 10% bonus paid to city employees who introduce ideas that will have ongoing annual savings for the city.
  • Protecting our environment is of upmost importance. I will ensure our water, air, and land do not get sacrificed for development purposes only. We need to ensure that future generations will enjoy the natural beauty of Santa Barbara.

My civic work in Santa Barbara has been, primarily, on the mesa. Myself and others were able to get the speed radar signs and more visible crosswalks painted at Shoreline Park.

Last year I recieved the third "Higman Civic Award" for outstanding seniors advocacy.

I hope you will support me in my efforts to ensure more safety for Santa Barbara and support efforts in keeping the beauty of this city we know and love.

Contributions can be made to:
Wayne Scoles
1414 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA.  93109


Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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