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David Landecker - City Council Candidate

Meet David Landecker Meet David Landecker

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

I’m David Landecker. I’m asking for one of your three votes for Santa Barbara City Council.

After I recently retired as Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Center, Mayor Schneider and former Mayor Blum asked me to run for the City Council. After much consideration I accepted that challenge. I am proud that my 33 year record of service to our community has also earned the endorsement of Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, Assemblyman Das Williams, Supervisors Salud Carbajal and Doreen Farr, and hundreds of other community members. I am an environmentalist, an attorney and a businessman. My three children were born and raised here. For 33 years, I have worked hard -- in government service, in the private sector and in the non-profit world --  to advance Santa Barbara’s community values.

My priorities for the incoming Council include improving City services and implementing the General Plan our community spent eight years producing. Our City should be a national environmental leader, encouraging creative use of alternative transportation and new energy sources. We must address long-term housing needs with new rental units, not more luxury condominiums, and prevent loss of our open spaces. At the same time, our City must solve its long-term financial dilemma, confront its delayed infrastructure improvements and fund the cost of public pensions. We must ensure that our streets and neighborhoods are safe and pleasant to visit, for residents and visitors alike.

You will likely hear that twenty two years ago I resigned from the City Council, disgraced by a petty theft at the Home Improvement Center. I took full responsibility then, as I do now. I learned a lot about myself, and about what community members rightly expect of their elected leaders. I ask that you weigh that momentary lapse long ago against my diverse experiences and lifetime of service.

For fifteen years, I owned and operated a manufacturing company here. Since selling it, I have made community service from outside of government my main job. I’I've served on about a dozen different non-profit boards, lending my legal, business and political background to their good work. As an officer and President of Citizens Planning Association I helped residents respond to development proposals. As the first Treasurer of the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, and then its Executive Director, I built the Eastside Neighborhood Medical - and Dental Clinics, and engaged our community in supporting healthcare for those in need. Recently, I grew and strengthened the Environmental Defense Center as its Executive Director, despite the recession, and brought diverse community groups together to preserve the environmental legacy of our Central Coast.

Again, please vote for me, David Landecker.

For more information about my campaign, please go to:

Thank you.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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