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Matthew Hunter Kramer - City Council Candidate

Meet Matthew Hunter Kramer

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Hello my name is Matthew Kramer and I am running for Santa Barbara city council good morning (In Spanish “Good Day”, Russian “Calm Night”, Italian “hello”, and Japanese “Good morning”
I am running for city council because I care and I love this city. I had the pleasure of having my daughter Caroline born here who is now four years old and we got to live in one of the nicest neighbor hoods I have seen in my life-the upper eastside. When I was 13 years old I was an eagle scout here in town and I was at a Christmas party for the homeless and that was the first time I experienced the low income residents of the city. With some of the specific problems and challenges they have. I have done an in depth investigation of this segment of the population we have, and I have some real specific action oriented ways in which we can help them. Secondly I would also like to focus on economic development when I was running for office last time for mayor against Marty Blum in the last election I was invited to lunch by the Mayor of Cleveland during our lunch we discussed many issues one of which was her economic development department. When I sat down with her staff I was pleased to learn of some of the policies and procedures they use in Cleveland and although a much larger city than Santa Barbara. I believe that we can implement some of those policies here. The grant program they have which gives grants to local employers to train new employees from the city for jobs was a great idea. I think it would help fill up some of the empty stores and businesses that are along the state street and milpas corridors And speaking of state street I think we would all like it cleaned up a bit. I think the homelessness and crime that is ongoing in the city has been increasing in the last few years as far as I have noticed as a resident. And as a home owner I was very disturbed at one point a few years ago to pay a cash bribe to a city building inspector and I wish that no resident should have to do that while I am a City Councilman.
And after talking to one of the police officers yesterday and he expressed to me that they don’t have enough polices or laws in place to help deal with the homeless population here. I think that’s our job as city councilmen. We can sit down with this officer and his fellow officers and we can find ways in which we can give them the tools to help them with their jobs. Again I also think that the homeless situation needs to be given some action and funding. If we spent a little bit of social services money on helping these people out and trying to raise them from their conditions we would see increased bed revenues from hotel stays, a better experience for the tourist and the resident and a cleaner and safer environment. So I urge you to vote for me Matthew Kramer when you’re looking at the ballot. As well as my experience as an Eagle Scout I am also the owner of Platinum Sage Mine. This is a mine in the mountains in which we have also employed people from the low income population of Santa Barbara.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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