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Frank Hotchkiss - City Council Candidate

Meet Frank Hotchkiss

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Hello. I’m Frank Hotchkiss, your Santa Barbara City Councilman.
In Santa Barbara, government should work to preserve those aspects of our city that make it unique and beautiful. We should also encourage economic success for businesses large and small so that everyone can flourish. As your Councilmember, I have done just that in my first term. 

We balanced the budget and produced a surplus, growing reserves for the first time in years in case of a rainy day.

We increased the number of police on the street by four.

We removed RVs from Cabrillo Blvd. to enhance the beauty of our Waterfront.

We banned parking meters downtown and reduced the number of proposed curb extensions.

We fostered economic development by nearly $6 Million - boosting cruise ship visits from 2-3 a year to 22 this year.

Looking to the future, we can build on these successes and continue to improve Santa Barbara. 

Let's keep the budget balanced while building reserves, protecting vital public services, and not raise taxes on Santa Barbara families.

Let's continue to bolster public safety to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Let's continue to preserve our quality of life, keeping high-density and traffic congestion to a minimum.

And let's put gang members and transients on a path to recovery.

Please join me! I’m Frank Hotchkiss.

Thank you for listening.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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