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Gregg Hart - City Council Candidate

Meet Gregg HartMeet Gregg Hart

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Hello. I’m Gregg Hart. I want to thank the City of Santa Barbara for this opportunity to speak directly to you, the voters. This is a great service to you and I applaud the City for its efforts to keep you informed about this important election.

I have been fortunate to have lived in Santa Barbara for the past 48 years. I attended our public schools, raised my family, and ran a small family owned business. My deep understanding of our community gives me a unique perspective on how we can work together on long-term solutions to our problems.

I had the opportunity to serve two terms on the Santa Barbara City Council, eight years on the Santa Barbara City Planning Commission, and was appointed by the governor to serve four years on the California Coastal Commission. While on the council, I was able to balance budgets and set aside money in our reserve fund. I did all this while still having resources necessary to provide the critical services needed to maintain the excellent quality of life we expect in Santa Barbara. If you choose to elect me once again, I pledge to continue to be responsible with your tax dollars.

I appreciate that no one person has all the answers to the challenges we face. It is my belief that the only way we can work toward a better Santa Barbara is together. That is why I’m so proud of the lasting accomplishments I was able to achieve when I last served as your city councilmember. I had the opportunity to work with the business and environmental communities to create legislation that has improved water quality and the health of our creeks and beaches. That legislation was known as Measure B. It created the City’s Creek Division, that continues to fund critical water quality programs and projects that will benefit generations to come.

I’ve also worked with the private and non-profit sectors to address the issue of homelessness. Together we were able to create new programs and facilities that continue to successfully assist homeless individuals and families get back on their feet, find employment and permanent housing. Understanding that residents and visitors deserve to feel safe downtown, I worked with businesses, law enforcement and the City to address the issues of aggressive pan handling, vagrancy, and other nuisance crimes by putting more officers downtown and giving law enforcement officers more tools to address these issues.

I’m especially proud of the leadership role I was able to take in saving the City’s last remaining open space. Then known as the Wilcox Property, I collaborated with the community and the City to save this property and create the Douglas Family Preserve. This property is a lasting example of my commitment to the value of working together to create lasting solutions to the problems we face. I believe the council in recent years has not listened enough to our community and when faced with difficult decision has not shown the leadership we need.

I feel I’m the only candidate who has the experience, judgment, and knowledge to truly listen, but more importantly, be the kind of leader who does what’s in the best long-term interest of our community. My candidacy is supported by a long list of current and former elected officials, community organizations, and individuals who represent a broad cross-section of our community.

To learn more about me, my campaign, my endorsements, and why I want to again serve as your councilmember,
please visit:

I hope to have more opportunities to earn your vote. I continue to be optimistic about our future. I know we can work together for a better Santa Barbara.

Thank you.

And don’t forget to consider voting for me, Gregg Hart for Santa Barbara City Council.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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