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Cruzito Herrera Cruz - City Council Candidate

Meet Cruzito Herrera Cruz Meet Cruzito Diaz Cruz

Here is the link to the candidate's video statement.

Hello. My name is Cruzito Herrera Cruz this is my political declaration to enter the non-partisan electoral election for the Municipality of the City of Santa Barbara. My Councilmember Candidacy stems from the notion of “equalitarianism” and the principle that all Santa Barbarians are born equal and with an inalienable vote. Thank you to the nomination petition signers that have signed which has allowed me to democratically participate in this civic election.

Currently, the state of civic-affairs is that “our local polity” has an unequal standing in terms of political power and political influence and your voice through your vote can be our collective voice on City Council. We need Citizenship for all Santa Barbarians.

Therefore, Santa Barbarians and it’s citizenry are governed and consented to constitutional principles under California Article II Section 1. All political power is inherent in the People. Government is instituted for our protection, security, and benefit, and WE have the right to reform or alter it when the public good may require of it, THUS, Section 2 of said Article I gives you, gives me, gives all Santa Barbarians the entitlement to Vote. So, Vote for Cruzito Herrera Cruz! Number Six - #6 on the ballot.

Your right to Vote will allow me to become a public servant and steward that will focus on Adult and Youth services. Two – work on improving and supporting the City’s Public infrastructure through these positive budgetary times. Three – be responsible and observant in the financial management of the City’s operating budget. As required by the employment scope and public duties outlined by the City and to develop streams of positive revenue for the City through several pragmatic financial measures.

Furthermore, each person will receive equal treatment under our local laws. Equal opportunity for such things as - education, development of capacities, respect of the people’s property rights, and fulfillment of Santa Barbara’s political needs and neighborhood wishes. This can be accomplished through “District-Based Elections” as per the California Elections Code Section § 14,026(3)(b) and would provide “transparency and accountability” to a voting system that needs to encompass and represent a political voice not heard as per California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) and our Federal laws.

In conclusion, I, Cruzito Herrera Cruz, would be honored to have your vote. With your vote, I will be a public steward in the City of Santa Barbara, California. Vote for Cruzito Herrera Cruz on November 5th, 2013 for Santa Barbara City Council.

Thanks Mom!

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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