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Bath Street Pocket Park

The new playground is ready for families with young children to enjoy on Santa Barbara's Westside.

State of the Art Gallery  

State of the Art Gallery

Learn about the latest public art exhibit on State Street.


Water Distribution - Repairing Main Breaks

In this segment, City TV examines what happens when a water main break occurs and what the city does to repair them.


Rain Sensors

Did you know that the city is giving away free rain sensors? In this segment, you'll find out how they work and how they save water.


Upper Las Positas Creek Restoration Project

If you've played at the Santa Barbara Golf Club lately, you may have noticed some significant changes. But these changes are more than just a landscaping facelift. They improve the water quality and habitat of a local creek.


El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Every day, each person in Santa Barbara contributes about 100 gallons of wastewater into the sewer system on average. But where does it all go and what happens to it?


Creeks Enforcement 

Even though we're experiencing drought conditions right now, when the rains do come, the Santa Barbara Creeks Division has concerns about certain substances ending up in our creeks - especially pesticides.


How to Check your Toilet for Leaks

Learn how to check you toilet for leaks and save water and money.


How to Check your Water Meter

Learn how to check you water meter in order to determine how much water you are using on a daily basis and by specific uses and to check for leaks.


Traffic Safety Improvements

Traffic Safety issues have always been a hot topic in Santa Barbara.  Find out how the City and Community work together to make sure the streets are safe for everyone.


Irrigation Budgets

We all know we are in a Stage 2 Drought and that saving water is critical.  The City has created a way to help water customers with irrigation meters track their water use and adjust watering based on the weather.  Saving both water and money.


Crosswalk Enforcement

The Santa Barbara Police Department recently conducted a crosswalk enforcement effort in ccoperation with the CHP, Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office and the City of Goleta. 


Water Meter Replacement

City Water has begun to replace all the residential water meters for its water customers.  This video explains the program and its significance.


Arroyo Burro Beach Dog Waste Study

The City conducted a study to determine the sources of bacteria in Arroyo Burro Creek, estuary and beach.


Red Flag Warning

Red Flag Warnings let residents know when there is the potential for extreme fire behavior in case of a wildfire.


Options to Illegal Dumping

We all know what household waste goes into the green, blue and brown bins.  But what about those hard to dispose of items?  There are options.

City Permeable Paver Projects

Four City parking lots were retrofitted with permeable pavers allowing stormwater to soak into the ground instead of running off into Creeks.

Urban Forest Management Plan

Santa Barbara has an urban forest that is the most diverse in the state thanks to decades of care to maintain this incredibly valuable resource.

Single Use Bag Ordinance

On May 14th, Santa Barbara joined over 100 other communities in the State of California that have adopted a plastic bag ban to help keep our City and waterways clean.

Weihei, China

Santa Barbara Sister City - Weihei, China

You may not be aware of it, but Santa Barbara has a special connection to China. In this video take a closer look into our sister city in China, Weihei, and the relationship that has developed between the two cities.

Water Percent Adjust Video

Irrigation Controller Water Percent Adjust

The watering percent adjust is a percentage of the maximum amount of water you would apply on your landscape at the hottest point of the year.  The watering percent adjust feature on your irrigation controller increases or decreases the watering run times for all your zones with just one adjustment.

Planning Commission Video

Planning Commission

The City of Santa Barbara Planning Commission has been around for 90 years. In this video lean about what role the Commission has played in shaping our City.

Kotor, Montenegro

Santa Barbara Sister City - Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro was established as a Santa Barbara Sister City in 2009.  The town of Kotar is located on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. Kotor is a premier tourist destination due to its medieval fort, town walls (2.8 miles), 16th-century town gates and clock tower.  Kotor offers various summer activities including sailing, diving, rowing and mountaineering.

Streets Paving 

Pavement Management

The City of Santa Barbara manages 235 miles of roadways. The Pavement Maintenance program works to improve and protect these critical aspects of our City's infrastructure.

CERT Classes

Community Emergency Response Training

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) courses help residents to prepare for disasters. 

Fire Resistant Building 

AIA Fire Resistant Home Tour

It has been over three years since the Jesusita and Tea fires. Residents are rebuilding with fire new resistant designs and construction.

Access Ramps

Street Accessibility Improvements

Take a look down every street and you'll notice there are a lot more access ramps around town.  Learn about a special committee that guides the city on projects like these that help people of all abilities.   



Infrastructure Needs

City Infrastructure Needs

Santa Barbara prides itself as a world renowned City that is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. However, maintaining it's charm and beauty takes significant effort and funding in order to keep the City's infrastructure safe, functional and looking good.
Restorative Court

Restorative Court

The issues surrounding homelessness ripple into our community’s ability to provide adequate housing and to feed the poor, to the cost of health care, to the crime on our streets and police services, to the tourism industry and the economy. A new City program called restorative court is making headway into getting the chronically homeless off the street and into social programs, housing and making a postive impact on people's lives. 
Leaf Blower

Leafblower Ordinance 

Did you know that the City of Santa Barbara restricts the use of gas powered leaf blowers? These devices can cause air pollution, dust and excessive noise.
Chromatic Gate

Chromatic Gate Restoration Dedication 

Herbert Bayer's Chromatic Gate is one of Santa Barbara's iconic public art sculptures.  It was recently restored to its original colors and was rededicated at a ceremony at its location along Cabrillo Blvd.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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