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Watch: “Up Front with SBPD” Alternative Call Response

January 31, 2022 

How does law enforcement respond to community calls for service, when staffing is down nearly 30 percent? Interim Police Chief Bernard Melekian says keeping this community safe and responding to your home or business as conditions require, remains the top priority. While the current circumstances we face made modifications necessary, the department’s commitment to the community ensures that you will not see a drop off in service and you will not see a drop off in police response or care. Learn more about the Police Department Communications Center and how dispatchers prioritize calls.

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WATCH: Is Your Toilet Running? Catch It!

January 24, 2022 

Toilets are the biggest culprit for leaks inside the house and they often leak silently. It’s estimated that 20 percent of toilets leak -- these leaks can average 200 gallons per day. Watch our video on how to find and repair the three most common toilet leaks, two of which are due to faulty rubber flappers.

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Stearns Wharf to Celebrate 150th Anniversary

January 3, 2022 

In honor of the iconic landmark’s 150th anniversary, Stearns Wharf merchants will hold Wharf Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of each month. There will be anniversary specials with a bit of history and family-friendly activities. The commemoration will culminate with a special celebration, complete with fireworks, in October.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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