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Marina One Replacement ProjectWaterfront

Marina OneThe majority of Marina 1 was constructed in the 1970s and includes 16 fingers (A-P) providing berths for approximately 500 vessels. Marina 1 was expanded in 1998 adding approximately 100 slips on 3 fingers (Q-S). An engineering analysis and staff assessment of Marina 1 concluded that the concrete docking system on A – P fingers is nearing the end of its useful life. The replacement project will replace the main walkway and A –P fingers in 8 phases over 9 years.

Phase 6 In Progress – Winter 2016

Phase 6 includes replacement of “H” and “I” fingers, scheduled to begin January 4th.  After completing the preceding five phases, Bellingham Marine Industries (BMI), has learned to replace docks as efficiently as possible. Last year, BMI took only six weeks to complete a similar amount of work on “J” and “K” fingers. All boats on “H” and “I” fingers will be relocated within the harbor for the duration of construction. Relocated vessels will occupy just about every available transient slip, so providing safe berthing for vessels seeking shelter will be a challenge. With El Niño-related storms predicted to hit this winter, completing this phase as quickly as possible carries extra importance.

As with the preceding phases, slipholders shouldn't notice any changes to the configuration of docks, dock boxes or fire-hose cabinets, other than they are all new. The only exception will be placement of a transformer on "H" and "I" fingers. Current code requires a transformer on each finger, located about half way down the dock. Transformer cabinets will be the smallest possible and dampened to reduce a humming noise they can produce.

Current code also requires installation of Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) breakers at each slip. These breakers are very sensitive and some slipholders on "J" and "K" fingers found they were tripping more frequently than previous breakers. Every such incident was traced back to the boat and wasn't a result of faulty installation or any problem with the newly installed electrical system. If boaters on “H” and “I” experience any electrical problems, they can contact any of several reputable marine electricians in the harbor. Waterfront Maintenance staff can help diagnose problems as well.

Phase 5 Completed – Winter 2015 

Boat slipholders on “J” and “K” fingers of Marina 1 were the recipients of new docks in the winter of 2015. After a year off to design the final four phases of the Marina 1 Replacement Project, Bellingham Marine Industries (BMI), completed Phase 5 construction.

In this phase, “K” finger was replaced, with the existing docks demolished the first week in January, 2015. New docks arrived the following week and took less than five weeks to install. After that, the same cycle took place for “J” finger. All work concluded by April 2015. Similar to the last four phases, all installations included new docks, utilities, dock boxes, and power centers.

Phase 4 Completed – Winter 2013

Bellingham Marine Industries (BMI) completed Phase 4 of the Marina One Replacement Project consisting of “L” and “M” fingers. Demolition of “M” finger began December of 2012 and just three weeks later the new docks had been installed. Work was suspended over the holidays with BMI returning after the new year to install new utilities, docks boxes, and power centers. BMI then transitioned to “L” finger. This phase of the project was completed February of 2013.

Restroom Sump Tank Replaced - October 2012

The Marina One east restroom was constructed in 1998 as part of the Marina One Expansion project, which included the addition of Q, R, and S fingers. This floating restroom was installed with a submerged sump tank for the collection of sewage and gray water.

In 2011, the sump tank was evaluated by Fluid Resource Management (FRM), a firm specializing in wastewater collection and treatment. FRM recommended the sump tank and pumps be replaced. Staff put the project out to bid, but had to eventually reject the low bid due to some design deficiencies. After revising the plans to account for these deficiencies, the project was put out to bid again with Hanley Construction submitting the low bid of $59,000.

Two new 5 hp pumps were installed with a new electronic controller. The new sump tank and pump system is a significant improvement over the original design.

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Waterfront Facilities Manager
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