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JELLIES & Friends Now at the Sea Center

Enter the mesmerizing world of JELLIES & friends and watch these elegant animals as they undulate, pulse, swim, slither and move gracefully through the water. Experience the beauty and wonder of our local soft-bodied marine life. Made mostly of water, they are 100% captivating.

For more information about the museums at the Santa Barbara Waterfront, see the contact information below.

Business Location

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

SB Maritime Museum
SB Waterfront Center, Main Floor
(805) 962-8404

Sea Center Logo

Sea Center
Stearns Wharf
(805) 962-2526

NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

NOAA/Channel Islands Natural Marine Sanctuary
Santa Barbara Harbor
(805) 966-7107

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019
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