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Getting Around Santa BarbaraPublic Works

The Sustainable Transportation program enhances and develops walking, bicycling and transit use as directed by the Circulation Element of the General Plan. This program reduces greenhouse gas emissions and preserves quality of life by initiating projects and developing processes for community input on transportation programs. Sustainable Transportation also manages existing programs such as Sidewalk Infill, the Bicycle Master Plan and identifies the best types and locations for bicycle parking installations. Regular coordination occurs with other Public Works Department programs to provide leadership, planning and public policy development as well as guidance for transportation-related expenditures like the Capital Improvement Program.

Key Tasks

  • Fund the construction of new or improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
  • Coordinate the construction of new facilities serving all transportation modes.
  • Develop funding programs for Transit Capital and operating assistance.
  • Subsidize the operation of various transit assistance programs.
  • Work with Community Development to implement the Circulation Element on such issues as reducing parking demand, reducing automobile congestion and supporting transportation demand management programs.

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2021
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