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The Safe Routes to School Program

The Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) refers to a variety of multi-disciplinary programs aimed at promoting walking and bicycling to school, and improving traffic safety around school areas through education, incentives, increased law enforcement, and engineering measures.

Santa Barbara's Safe Routes to School program is a partnership among the South Coast municipalities, school districts, public health agencies, community and parent volunteers, and law enforcement agencies. Santa Barbara’s SRTS efforts are a vital component of the Santa Barbara Pedestrian Master Plan and the Bicycle Master Plan as they will facilitate the implementation and funding for specific improvements that will help meet the Plans' goals of increasing pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

The City of Santa Barbara contracts SRTS services in partnership with COAST+SB Bike, but also plays an active role in supporting educational activities, helmet fittings and distributions, meetings with school representatives to discuss traffic concerns and identify funding for traffic safety improvements.

Six E's of Safe Routes to School    Safe Routes to School Links 
  • Evaluation 
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Encouragement
  • Equity

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2021
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