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Neighborhood Transportation PlanningPublic Works

The Draft Neighborhood Transportation Management Program was adopted by the Santa Barbara City Council on November 9, 2001.

The Program establishes a process to include neighborhoods in the discussion of the effects of traffic on residential streets. Through a community process that includes education, community participation, enforcement, and design, the neighborhood will develop a Neighborhood Area Mobility Plan that addresses traffic and mobility concerns of residential areas throughout the City.

Since 2001 staff have worked in three neighborhoods: Oak Park, St. Francis and most recently, the Eastside neighborhood in 2013.

Milpas Street Corridor Planning Effort (CURRENTLY IN PROCESS)

The objective of the Milpas Street Corridor Planning Effort is to discover community desires and needs for the future of Milpas Street, from Highway 101 to Canon Perdido Street. Specifically, City staff will request community feedback about walking, biking, traffic, parking, lighting, parkway trees, and landscaping needs.

A Listening Workshop will be held on October 1, 2019. If you missed it, please provide your comments via survey here: in English or Spanish. An Approach Workshop is scheduled in December 2019 to discuss potential approaches based on the community's feedback. A community-supported project will strengthen Santa Barbara's applications for grant funding in 2020.  

Westside and Lower West Neighborhoods Transportation Planning Effort (CURRENTLY IN PROCESS)

To improve pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic safety in Santa Barbara’s Westside and Lower West Neighborhoods, Public Works is conducting a bilingual outreach effort in 2019 to help the neighborhoods identify areas of concern and action steps to address those concerns.

The Listening Workshop was held in April 2019. An Approach Workshop was held in June 2019 to discuss the emerging proposals based on community feedback received at the Listening Workshop, online survey, and emailed comments.

The entire outreach process will be summarized in the Westside and Lower West Transportation Management Plan, which will describe the process in which the neighborhoods participated, the input they provided, and the plan of action they determined to address concerns. The draft Plan will be available for review in October 2019. The final Plan is required to go before City Council for review and approval, tentatively targeted for late 2019. The Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan is a powerful tool that can position the City to compete more successfully for limited funding opportunities.

Eastside Neighborhood Transportation Plan

To improve pedestrian and traffic safety in Santa Barbara’s Eastside Neighborhood, Public Works conducted a bilingual outreach effort in 2013 to help the neighborhood identify areas of concern and action steps to address those concerns. This booklet describes the process in which the neighborhood participated, the input they provided, and the plan of action they determined to address concerns.  City Council approved the Eastside Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan on July 23, 2013.

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019
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