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On November 25, 1997, the City Council adopted resolution 97-143 amending the General Plan and incorporating the Circulation Element and related Local Coastal Plan Amendment into the City’s General Plan. The Circulation Element was certified by the California Coastal Commission in September, 1998. The Circulation Element is a required element of the City's General Paln.

Comprehensive Goal and Vision Statement
Goal 01 - Provide a transportation system that supports economic vitality
Goal 02 - Strive to Achieve Equality of Choice Among Modes
Goal 03 - Increase the Availability and Use of Transit
Goal 04 - Increase Bicycling as a Transportation Mode
Goal 05 - Increase Walking and Other Paths of Travel
Goal 06 - Reduce the Use of the Automobile for Drive-Alone Trips
Goal 07 - Increase Access by Optimizing Parking Citywide
Goal 08 - Increase Parking Availability and Access for Downtown Customers
Goal 09 - Develop Special Policies Related to Transportation and Parking in the Coastal Zone
Goal 10 - Develop a Mobility System that will Carry all Modes of Transportation, from Automobiles to Pedestrians
Goal 11 - Review Traffic Impact Standards at City Intersections
Goal 12 - Establish a Process to Include Neighborhoods in the Discussion of the Effects of Traffic
Goal 13 - Apply Land Use and Planning Tools and Strategies that Support the City's Mobility Goals
Goal 14 - Coordinate with Regional Systems and Goals
Goal 15 - Other Transportation Facilities
Goal 16 - Public Utilities
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Other - Glossary

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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