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Graffiti Removal Request Form
If you live in, work in, or are visiting Santa Barbara and spot an area with graffiti, please use this form to report the problem. The City will remove graffiti on City property and the public rights-of-way. Although the City does not remove graffiti that is on private property, we will attempt to contact the owner or responsible party to remove it. If graffiti is on a telephone pole or utility box, we will make referrals to the different utility companies.

Citizens may also call the City of Santa Barbara Graffiti hotline at (805) 897-2513. If you would like to help in graffiti abatement efforts, call Looking Good Santa Barbara at (805) 897-2526.

If the graffiti is in progress, please call 911. If you have graffiti on your property that you want to report to the police, please call the Police Department at (805) 897-2300.

Thank you for being a concerned citizen and taking the time to make this request.


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