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Transportation DivisionPublic Works

The Transportation Division of City of Santa Barbara Public Works is comprised of many activities that support all modes of transportation to serve Santa Barbara, including Downtown Parking services, Streets Maintenance and Transportation Planning projects, programs, land development review, and long-range planning.

Browning Allen
Transportation Manager


Transportation Division Staff Contacts 

Street Maintenance

    Rick Fulmer
    Street Maintenance Manager

    James Russell 
    Street Maintenance Supervisor
    Pavement patches, potholes, sidewalks, 
    storm drains 

    Nick Cabugos 
    Street Maintenance Supervisor
    Signs, pavement markings, street sweeping 


Downtown Parking
    Victor Garza
    Parking Superintentent
    Becky Jimenez
    Parking Supervisor
    Dion Tait   
    Parking Supervisor

Transportation Planning
    Rob Dayton
    Principal Transportation Planner
    Steven Foley
    Supervising Transportation Planner
    Stacey Wilson
    Associate Tranportation Planner
    Chelsey Swanson
    Associate Transportation Planner
    Jessica Grant
    Project Planner
    Sarah Grant
    Mobility Coordinator

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2014