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Bicycling in Santa BarbaraPublic Works

Santa Barbara strives for equality among all modes of transportation, including driving and increasing opportunities for walking, bicycling and transit. There are many resources available to help people that want to get on a bike, get around town and securely park your bike.

 Bicycle Map

The City of Santa Barbara official bike map shows the existing routes within the city by type of Class (I, II, III) in 2016.

  • Class I paths, like the Beachway that connects East and West Beach, are separated from the roadway;
  • Class II lanes are the most common type, where a bike lane is painted with a white stripe adjacent to an automobile travel lane.
  • Class III paths are either signed or designated routes but do not create separate space for people on bikes.  

The City is also in the process of updating its 1998 Bicycle Master Plan during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The potential new bike routes envisioned and the draft plan can be viewed here.

The Bicycle Hitching Post 

The City provides public bicycle parking on City streets to provide a place to securely lock your bike near commercial buildings for shopping cyclists. Request a “Bicycle Hitching Post” in front of your favorite shop, restaurant or other places you frequent.  

Secure Bike Parking 

The City of Santa Barbara currently has two fully enclosed and secure bicycle parking facilities.  The larger facility is located in the Granada Garage parking structure on Anacapa near Figueroa. The facility is for paying members only and offers secure bike parking 24/7 with showers, restroom, day-use lockers, a vending machine with bicycle and commuting related items for member convenience, as well as a work stand and tools. A smaller second location is located at the Downtown Transit Center.

Bicycle Parking Requests

City staff is always open to taking bicycle parking requests for parking in public areas as well as offers guidance and options for providing bicycle parking on-site, particularly for residents, employers, churches, shopping centers etc.

Bicycle Education

The City of Santa Barbara has strong partnerships in the community to promote education of the rules of the road and basic bicycle handling skills to empower adults and youth with the confidence to ride safely on City streets.  Always remember to stay safe!

Adult and Youth Classes, Clinics and Camps

The City has partnered with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition who offers classes taught to adults and youth through their BiciCentro Project. Their educational offerings are supported by the County, the Cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria and were recently awarded a grant from Measure A to continue to bring educational services at a low cost to the community. They offer ongoing adult Street Skills clinics, after school Pedal Power course and Summer Cycling Camps . Also courses tailored for the workplace are offered such as “Lunch and Learn sessions, contact the Bicycle Education Coordinator for more information.

Safe Routes to School

The City is partnered with the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program that offers education to promote safer walking and bicycling habits and encourage parents to safely walk and ride a bicycle to school with their children to reduce congestion and promote healthy, active living. Every year helmets are made available to children and parents at a low cost once a year at every participating school in the City of Santa Barbara. In fourth grade all students have the option to participate in an introductory bike skills and handling class during school time.   

Bicycle Master Plan

The City has put in over 40 miles of bikeways in the last two decades and is ranked 3rd in the nation for cities our size in terms of bicycle commute ridership. Bicycling as a mode of transport and recreation is realizing a national upward trend in popularity. However, with increasing ridership comes increasing conflicts between pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. The City is also highly ranked in state-wide bicycle collision totals. As a result of growing popularity, increasing conflicts and the potential need for enhanced facilities, the 2015 BMP update is well-timed to address these questions and to provide an important guiding document for Santa Barbarans.

Bicycle Master Plan


Rob Dayton, Transportation Planning & Parking Manager

(805) 564-5385

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