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Phone: (805) 564-5454
Address: 625 Laguna St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Streets Operations & Infrastructure Management Division

Issues Handled by Streets Operations & Infrastructure Management Division

The Streets Operations & Infrastructure Division cleans and maintains the City's existing transportation and storm drain system infrastructure within the public right of way.

Streets Main Line
(805) 564-5454 (24-hour number)
All Streets and Traffic Signals related issues

Street Repair Request Icon

Street Repair Request
(805) 897-2630

Pedestrian Bridges and Walkways
Pavement Patching and Potholes
Streets & Sidewalk Repair Request

Stop Sign Icon

Street Signage and Painting Reporting
(805) 560-7569
Street Sign Repair
Curb Painting
Pavement lane striping, crosswalks, markings

No Graffiti icon

Graffiti Hotline
(805) 897-2513
Graffiti Reporting
Graffiti Removal

No Parking icon

Street Sweeping Information
(805) 897-1903
Info on Street Sweeping Days and Locations
Also includes announcements on cancellation during rain, holidays, etc.

Pavement Maintenance Program
(805) 564-5363
Annual Pavement Maintenance Program

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018
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