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Building resilience for what’s next

Santa Barbara’s key water supply challenges

The challenges facing Santa Barbara’s water supply are rapidly evolving. The need for a resilient, diverse water supply that can adapt to these changing conditions has never been more important. Water Vision Santa Barbara aims to address these emerging and evolving challenges: 

  • CLIMATE CHANGE. Warmer and drier weather, sea level rise, more extreme weather events, increased frequency of wildfires, and prolonged drought resulting from climate change will affect the quality, quantity and reliability of our water supplies.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS. Natural disasters—such as an earthquake, wildfire, or tsunami—could cause immediate and prolonged disruption or loss of a major supply source and/or water system infrastructure. Natural disasters can also cause secondary impacts such as increased sedimentation into reservoirs and degraded water quality.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. New and evolving restrictions for surface water, seawater and groundwater sources can affect the reliability, cost and/or yield of certain supply sources.
  • MAINTAINING QUALITY OF LIFE. Maintaining the quality of life that residents, tourists and businesses have come to expect in Santa Barbara will require a continued commitment to conservation and water efficiency.  
Last Updated: May 20, 2020
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