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Community-driven, rigorous and comprehensive

The City is using best-practice water supply planning tools and inclusive stakeholder engagement to ensure that the recommended future water portfolio will meet the needs of our community long into the future. Our process is:

  • COMMUNITY-DRIVEN. To reflect the community’s values in the water supply plan, the City is using a transparent, inclusive stakeholder engagement process to inform key project decisions.
  • RIGOROUS. Our technical approach includes rigorous evaluation and testing of portfolios across myriad criteria and future risk scenarios.
  • COMPREHENSIVE. The recommended portfolio will deliver comprehensive economic, environmental and social benefits to our community. 

5 Steps to Santa Barbara’s water vision

Water Vision Santa Barbara follows the 5 steps below, ultimately producing a plan that will set the direction for the community’s water supply and sustainable water management for the next 30 years. Each step builds on the last and includes opportunities for community input. 

  • STEP 1. Confirm Future Supply Goals. Determine the outcomes and values that the future water supply plan needs to achieve. MAR ’20 - MAY ’20
  • STEP 2. Evaluate Existing Portfolio. Identify water supply gaps and future mitigation options by evaluating the City’s existing supply against its future water demand. MAY ’20 - JUL ‘20
  • STEP 3. Develop Future Portfolios. Develop several future portfolio options and evaluate their performance against the supply goals and risk scenarios. JUL ’20 - OCT ‘20
  • STEP 4. Finalize Future Portfolio. Finalize the recommended portfolio and develop an adaptive implementation strategy. OCT ’20 - JAN ‘21
  • STEP 5. Document the Plan. Document the portfolio and implementation strategy into the Enhanced Urban Water Management Plan (EUWMP). JAN ’21 – JUN ’21 

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Last Updated: May 22, 2020
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