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Your voice is important! Here’s how to get involved

Santa Barbara’s diverse water supply has more water source options than most other communities in the state. We also have a unique set of challenges and risks that affect our water supplies. As we embark on this initiative, the City is determined to reflect our community’s values and perspective in its water supply decisions.

The project includes 5 steps which are scheduled from March 2020 through June 2021. At each step, the City will use an open and transparent stakeholder engagement process to consider the broad perspectives of its customers and keep the public informed of project progress. Here’s how you can get involved.

  • CONNECT WITH A STAKEHOLDER GROUP DELEGATE. We’ve invited 27 community leaders representing the diverse water needs of our community to participate in the Water Vision Stakeholder Group. They’ll participate in 5 interactive workshops where they’ll represent their constituents and share their perspective and insight on key topics. Learn more about the group delegates and their role
  • ATTEND PUBLIC MEETINGS. Attend Water Commission and City Council meetings to learn more and to voice your comments about the City’s future water supply. See the full public meeting schedule
  • ATTEND PUBLIC WORKSHOPS. Attend interactive public workshops to learn about and inform the City’s future water supply. See the full public workshop schedule
  • SUBSCRIBE FOR EMAIL UPDATES. Subscribe using the form above to be notified by email when project news and stories have been added to this project website. 
Last Updated: May 20, 2020
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