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Picture - THR - Water Management Plan

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Setting the vision for Santa Barbara’s water future

By June 2021, Water Vision Santa Barbara aims to develop the City’s water supply and management plan for the next 30 years. The City is using a rigorous technical process and inclusive stakeholder engagement approach to create an equitable, resilient, environmentally-friendly plan that reflects the community’s values.

The resulting Water Vision Santa Barbara plan will outline the City's proposed portfolio of water sources, and its approach to sustainably manage water long into the future.

We’re setting the vision for a water future that is:

  • RESILIENT to evolving risks and challenges.
  • DIVERSE to provide ample reliability in uncertain times.
  • AFFORDABLE to ensure equitable access to safe drinking water for our community.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY to protect our waterways, wildlife and ecosystems.
  • FORWARD-THINKING with cost-effective operations and adaptable technology.


Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021
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