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Water Vision Santa Barbara

Building a Water Supply Vision for Santa Barbara

The City of Santa Barbara believes all water has value. Our latest initiative — Water Vision Santa Barbara — intends to define an equitable, resilient, cost-effective water supply portfolio that support our community’s economic vitality, livability and environmental health for the next 30 years. 

The City has one of the most diverse water supply portfolios in the state (meaning we have more water supply options than most communities). We also have a unique set of challenges and risks that affect our water supplies. As we embark on this initiative, the City is determined to reflect our community’s values and perspective in our water supply decisions.

That said, throughout the project, the City will use an open and transparent stakeholder engagement process to consider the broad perspectives of its customers and keep the public informed of project progress. The engagement process will include:

  • Water Vision Stakeholder Group — A group of 17 community leaders representing the City’s diverse customers will participate in five interactive workshops from April through December 2020. The full roster of Water Vision delegates will be published in March. By representing their constituents, the Water Vision delegates will provide important perspective that will help the City reflect the community’s needs and values in its water supply decisions.
  • Public Meetings — In addition to two project-specific public meetings, the public is invited to attend Water Commission and City Council meetings to stay informed of project progress.
  • Public Education and Outreach — Water Vision delegates will partner with the City to distribute outreach and educational material to their constituents. In addition, the public can subscribe on this page to receive periodic project updates and public education as the project progresses.

The illustration below  marks the myriad sources that currently provide water to meet all of the City’s needs. Watch for future updates to this website as the project progresses. 

Last Updated: Mar 9, 2020
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