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Report Water Main Breaks
Regular Hours: (805) 564-5413 After Hours: (805) 963-4286


A certified Water Distribution Operator is skilled in installations, shutdowns, repairs, testing, flushing, cleaning, construction, disinfecting, maintenance, and operations related to water distribution systems.  For more information on what it takes to become a certified Water Distribution Operator, visit the California Department of Public Health's website at:

Our Water Distribution Operators work often at night and in adverse conditions responding to emergencies in the distribution system with a refined skill set. Behind the scenes, our office staff and emergency dispatcher work in support of these efforts.

Rabi Days, Water Distribution Supervisor

Pipeline Crew
  • Respond to emergencies which occur in the water system  
  • Install new water services
  • Install new fire hydrants
  • Install new water mains
Pipeline crew
Meter Repair Crew
  • Replace meters which do not function correctly
  • Install new meters as older meters are transitioned out
Valve Crew
  • Maintain and repair valves during emergencies and planned shutdowns
Valve crew

Theresa Lancy, Water Distribution Supervisor

 Customer Service   
  • Repair of leaking water meters
  • Investigation of water running in the street
  • Calls regarding no water
  • Assisting the property owner by shutting off water when there is a property leak
  • Turning off water for a plumber to do work
  • Investigation and repair of broken fire hydrants
  • Repair or replacement of broken meter lid or box
Customer service
Meter Readers
  • Respond to service requests for customers moving in or out
  • Read the City's water meters for accurate and timely utility billings
Meter reader

Roger Arroyo, Water Distribution Supervisor

Reservoirs and Pump Stations Crew
  • Repair and maintain water pumping stations and reservoirs
  • Maintain control of pressure zones
Pump crew
Cross Connection Team
  • Protects the quality of our water
  • Coordinates the testing of backflow prevention assemblies
  • Inspects the installation of backflow prevention assemblies
  • Reviews construction plans and advises regarding backflow prevention requirements
  • Meets with users to inspect water reclamation systems
  • Ensures compliance with all pre-established guidelines
Cross connection
Gibraltar Dam Caretakers
  • Maintain and secure the dam and surrounding property
  • Observe and record reservoir levels, water flow, evaporation rate, temperature, and rainfall
  • Collect water and silt samples
  • Perform tests on samples, and analyze the data gathered from testing
  • Perform maintenance activities on reservoir equipment including recorders, rainfall gauges, weirs, pumps, motors, boats, generators, and flood gates
Gibraltar Dam
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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