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Resources for Commercial / Industrial Property Owners

The step-by-step guide illustrated below was designed to assist property owners throughout the process of completing the requirements of the Sewer Lateral Inspection Program. Property owners in need of additional assistance can request a virtual appointment with staff.

Step 1: City staff contacts property owners via mail requesting an inspection of the property's sewer lateral.

Step 2: Property owner hires a City Certified CCTV Inspector to complete the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection on the property's sewer lateral. Please note that plumbers must complete the City's Certification Class yearly in order to remain eligible.

Step 3: Following the CCTV inspection, the eligible licensed plumber must complete a SLIP Inspection Form, and have the property owner sign it.

Step 4: The eligible plumber or property owner submits the SLIP Inspection Form and CCTV Inspection Video to the SLIP Program. Accepted methods of submission include; Forward Lateral, or via email through any cloud storage service.

Step 5: SLIP staff will review documentation and analyze the CCTV Inspection Video. If the submitted documentation is inconsistent or incomplete, SLIP Staff will follow up with the property owner and certified plumber. Once documentation is complete and consistent, staff can determine if repairs are needed on the Private Sewer Lateral.

Step 6: If no repairs are needed, the property owner will receive a Sewer Lateral Certificate of Compliance and no further action is needed. If repairs are needed, the property owner will receive a Sewer Lateral Repair Notice. The repair notice will provide details on which repairs are required in order for the sewer lateral to be in compliance.

Step 7: If the property owner wishes to appeal the Sewer Lateral Notice of Repair, they must do so within 15 calendar days. The Public Works Director or their designee will respond to the appeal. Property owners not submitting an appeal or whose appeal is denied, should continue to the next step.

Step 8: Repairs listed in the Sewer Lateral Notice of Repair and submission of the Sewer Lateral Repairs Documentation must be completed in 90 days, extensions may be considered on a case-by-case bases. Note that all repairs require a permit, never hire a plumber that tells you Sewer Lateral repair don't require a permit. City initiated Residential SLIP cases get most of the permit fees waived.

Step 9: The property owner or plumber will submit the Repair Documentation proving that the repair was properly completed to SLIP staff for review.

Step 10: SLIP staff will review Repair Documentation, keep records of the repairs conducted on the Private Sewer Lateral, and issue a Certificate of Compliance to the property owner. If your SLIP Case was initiated due to a construction project on your property, the Certificate of Compliance will be needed when applying for building permits. Staff recommends you keep the Certificate of Compliance for your records.

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2020
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