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Plumber Procedure

Step 1 - Based upon criteria described in Section 1, Paragraph A, B, C, the City will send a letter to the property owner requiring inspection of private lateral. Certified inspector conducts CCTV inspection (Exhibit A).

  1. Certified inspector completes inspection form (Exhibit B).
  2. Property owner signs and dates inspection form.
  3. Certified inspector or property owner submits inspection form with the CCTV document to the City.
    1. Documents may be delivered in person to the Public Works Permit Counter, c/o Dale Escobar, Wastewater Division, at 630 Garden Street between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., open for lunch, on Monday – Friday (closed on alternate Fridays – see City’s website for closure dates), or send by mail.
    2. Documents sent by mail should be addressed to: Sewer Lateral Inspection Program, c/o Dale Escobar, SLIP Coordinator,Wastewater Divison, 630 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
    3. All forms will be date-stamped on date of receipt.
    4. Incomplete forms, unsigned forms, or poor quality videos will be returned to the property owner as incomplete and must be redone.
    5. To Contact Dale Escobar, SLIP Coordinator, please call 805-568-1032 or 805-335-0782.

Step 2 – City staff reviews documentation.

  1. City staff will review the lateral inspection video documents within 10 working days of receipt.
  2. Video documents will be held at the City’s El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant for 10 days and may be picked up by the property owner with prior notification. After this time, video documents will be disposed of.

Step 3 – City sends letter to property owner.

  1. If no repairs are indicated through the City staff review of the lateral inspection video documents, the City will issue a standard Compliance Certificate for compliant laterals (Exhibit C).
  2. If repairs are indicated through the City staff review of the lateral inspection video or through independent video inspection of the lateral’s connection with a sewer main, the City will issue a Notice To Repair letter (Exhibit D) to the property owner and will specify the date by which repairs must be completed (typically 90 days unless there are extenuating circumstances) as well as the documents needed to verify repairs. All notices will be sent to the address provided by the owner on the private sewer lateral inspection form.
  3. Appeals of the Notice to Repair must be made by the property owner in writing to the Public Works Director within 15 calendar days of the date of the Notice to Repair letter.
  4. The Public Works Director or her designees will review the relevant appeal documents and respond in writing to the property owner within five business days of receipt of the appeal as to whether the appeal is granted. The decision of the Public Works Director is final.

Step 4 - Property owner completes repair (Note: the costs of City permit fees will be waived if repair or replacement of a residential private lateral is required by City Water Resources Division staff as indicated by an inspection conducted in accordance with Section 2 herein.)

  1. Plumber obtains permits and completes repairs. Proof of compliance with repair requirement shall be demonstrated through Public Works Permit sign-off by authorized City staff (Exhibit E) or Building Permit (Exhibit F), or both, indicating that the work has been properly completed.
  2. Public Works or Building and Zoning staff will update the permit tracking system to show that the lateral was completed and repaired or replaced, as required.
Last Updated: May 22, 2020
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