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SLIP Resources for Residents

If you own a residential property and receive City sewer service, you may have received a letter indicating you need to inspect your sewer lateral because of a private sewer spill, or the City identified a defect on your sewer lateral which could cause a potential blockage in the City sewer main through its sewer main condition assessment program. Your letter should identify which condition triggered the inspection. 

Defects City inspection staff commonly find that may cause problems for your sewer lateral or the public main include:

  • Roots - Roots can cause a blockage in the lateral or City sewer main. If undetected, the blockage could result in a spill.
  • Defective Connections - "Break-in" connections and laterals pipes that protrude into the main can cause maintenance issues when City staff attempt to clean or inspect the sewer main.  These defective connections can also allow infiltration during the rainy season. The City's sewer system is designed for sanitary water only and this additional flow in the sewer main can cause capacity problems for downstream mains, sewer lift stations and the treatment plant.

Resources for Residential Property Owners

The following resources are provided to guide you through the process from being notified of an issue on your sewer lateral, to inspecting, and ultimately making the decision on which repair option is right for your lateral.

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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019
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