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Frequently Asked Questions

You can also learn more about drought conditions on our Drought FAQS page

Does the City use State Water?

Yes, the City has a State Water allotment of 3,000 acre feet per year. This amount is available to the City when full deliveries from the State Water Project are available. The City’s allotment and the operation of the local portion of the State Water Project is managed by the Central Coast Water Authority, a joint powers agency formed to administer the construction and operation of the local State Water Project facilities. Learn more about State Water.

How do I pay my water bill?

There are three ways you can pay your water bill.

  1. Online: Utilities Website
  2. By Mail: City of Santa Barbara, P.O. Box 60809, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0809
  3. In Person: Cashier's Office

My water usage has increased. What should I do?

If your water usage has increased and you can't find the reason, you can get a free water checkup by calling (805) 564-5460. If it is a leak and you have it repaired, in some cases, you may be able to get an adjustment to your water charges. Please see the Utility Billing page for more information.

How much water does a typical household use every month?

The average single family residence uses approximately 9 hundred cubic feet (hcf) per month (6,732 gallons). In multi-family residential buildings the average usage is approximately 5 hcf (3,740 gallons) per month per dwelling unit. Learn more about water usage.

Do we reuse wastewater?

Yes. The City's Recycled Water Project recycles approximately 800 acre feet of treated wastewater each year. It is used to irrigate parks, schools, golf courses and more. Learn more about recycled water.

Does our water have fluoride added?

No, the City does not add fluoride to our drinking water and has no future plans to start. Learn more about water quality here.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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