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Mulch Delivery RebateWater

Mulch applied to your landscape slows evaporation, cools and protects the soil, reduces the need for watering, and improves your soil’s health.

The City will reimburse customers for the delivery cost of two dump truck loads, per site, per fiscal year (July 1 –June 30) of the County’s unfiltered mulch (valued at $41 per delivery).

Steps to Apply

  • Visit the County of Santa Barbara’s website for mulch information and quantity to order and submit a Purchase Agreement, then call (805) 681-4981 to schedule an unscreened mulch delivery.
  • Have your mulch delivered, obtain an invoice from the County of Santa Barbara, and pay the County of Santa Barbara for the delivery. Save the invoice and proof of payment.
  • Complete and submit our Mulch Delivery Rebate Application online and upload a copy of your invoice and proof of payment.

Application materials must be postmarked within 60 days of payment.          

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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