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Water Wise Gardening ClassesWater

  • Smart Garden Design for Dry Times
    • Garden owners in our area are adjusting to the reality of drier gardens, so maybe it's time to rethink the space around your home. Join local landscape architect, Billy Goodnick, and learn how water-wise gardens can be just as beautiful and useful as thirstier gardens. Students will learn about sustainable design, selecting the right plant for the right space, water-efficient planting strategies, irrigation innovations and maintenance practices to keep their gardens looking their best
      When: Saturday, March 4 & Saturday, March 11. 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
      Fee: $36
      Where: Schott Campus, Rm 6
      Enrollment: Offered by the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning, class ID 20044. Enroll online by clicking here.        

  • Learning from Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden
    • This walkabout builds on the Smart Garden Design for Dry Times class and includes an initial 'refresher' of sustainable garden design principles. Alice Keck Memorial Garden is a living, 3-dimensional gallery demonstrating the application of basic design principles. Learn to see garden design as more than a collection of colorful flowers and gain a better understanding of the multiple roles plants can play in the landscape. Gain an appreciation for how form, foliage, density, and visual texture are the building blocks of year-round beauty and interest. Discover how proper plant selections and spacing result in a low-maintenance, environmentally superior landscape
      When: Saturday, March 18th, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
      Fee: $36
      Where: Schott Campus, Rm 6.
      Enrollment: Offered by the SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning, class ID 20403. Enroll online by clicking here.
  • Check the calendar on for County-wide classes and events.
  • For City-sponsored graywater and rainwater harvesting hands-on workshops, graywater and rainwater 101 classes, and installation options, please contact the Sweetwater Collaborative.
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2017
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