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Water Main Break at Voluntario and Montecito Streets

The City experienced a water main break at the intersection of Voluntario and Montecito Streets.  After the main break was repaired, City water crews flushed the distribution system to remove any discolored water. In the event some of the discolored water made it to your faucets, you need to flush your water system by turning on an outdoor faucet connected to a hose (first remove the sprayer or nozzle) full force, and directing the water from the hose to your landscaping until the water runs clear; or by opening the cold-water faucet in your bathtub all the way, full force, until the water runs clear. You can collect the water in your tub and put it on your plants or landscaping; however, drinking discolored water is unadvisable.

When a water main breaks, there is a pressure drop in the distribution system, which causes the water to flow at a high rate in the direction of the break. Depending on the size of the break, the rapid shift in flow rate can disturb the scaling deposits on the interior surface of metal water pipes, which can result in discoloration and particles in the drinking water. Your water system can be safely cleared by following the directions above for flushing your water system.

The City of Santa Barbara is committed to ensuring that an adequate quantity of clean, wholesome drinking water is delivered to you.  For water quality concerns, please call the City's Water Laboratory at (805) 564-1008. InformaciĆ³n en espaƱol es disponible al (805) 564-5413.

Catherine Taylor, Water System Manager Phone: (805) 564-5379 Email:

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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