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Annual Sidewalk Replacement Project Begins

The annual Sidewalk Replacement Project to replace existing sidewalks that have uplifted or depressed due to tree root or other damage begins this week. Each year, work is identified City-wide so that all areas typically see some repairs annually.  The work will take place from late August through mid-October. The contractor is Granite Construction Company.

The repair areas have been selected based on similar criteria used for the prioritization of sidewalk infill projects, including:

1. Existing conditions;
2. Current use by pedestrians;
3. Proximity to schools;
4. Proximity to parks or recreation areas;
5. Proximity to major destinations or neighborhoods; and
6. Proximity to transit centers.

Sidewalks will be replaced at selected addresses on the following blocks:

Down Town

Garden Street (400-500 blocks)
East Haley Street (400 and 600 blocks)
Reddick Street (700-800 blocks)
East Gutierrez Street (400-500 blocks)
West Carrillo Street (200 and 400 blocks)
Castillo Street (900 block)
De La Vina Street (900 block)
East Victoria Street (300 block)
Nogales Avenue (200 block)
Chapala Street (2600 block)

West Side

Miramonte Drive (900-1000 blocks)
West Sola Street (500-600 and 800 blocks)
San Pascual Street (1200 and 1400 blocks)
West Victoria Street (500 and 700-800 blocks)
West Anapamu Street (700 and 800 blocks)
Gillespie Street (1400 block)
Kowalski Street (1400 block)
West Pedregosa Street (800-1000 blocks)
Robbins Street (1500 block)
Crestline Street (1500 Block)
Modoc Road (2100-2400 blocks)

East Side

Chiquita (500 block)
East Haley (1300 block)
South Salinas (200 block)
Punta Gorda (1300 Block)


Coast Village Road (1200 block)

North Side

Portafino (3700 block)
Terni (700 block)
Via Diego (3900-4000 block)
Bodega (100 block)
Woodley (300 block)
Calle Cita (3800 block)
Hitchcock Way (200 block)

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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