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Our mission is to manage the motorized fleet and fleet support services to cost effectively provide safe, reliable vehicles and equipment for all City departments.

Our Programs

  • City Fleet Maintenance:  We provide repair and maintenance services to a total number of 478 vehicles and equipment in the City’s Fleet, with a total staff of 14. Our fleet is diverse and includes Fire trucks, Police cruisers and heavy equipment such as vactor trucks and street sweepers. 
  • Pool Vehicle Program:  Our City Pool program allows for more efficient and cost-effective transportation services for our staff.  We run an automated booking system that allows any City staff member to quickly reserve, use, and return a vehicle.  Our fleet includes energy-efficient hybrid and electrical vehicles.
  • Fleet Renewal and Vehicle Replacement:  We manage the replacement program for vehicles that have outlived their useful life span. Fleet Management develops the vehicle specifications and ensures that the proper equipment is purchased at the right price and the right time.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles:  We constantly research the newest alternative fuel technologies and evaluate the applicability to the City’s vehicles to ensure that we have the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly fleet. We use re-refined oil and Renewable diesel in most diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.  In addition, our Pool uses hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Fueling Service and Infrastructure:  We manage and maintain a fueling station on site at our Garden Street location, which is in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental Compliance: We make sure that all recycled hazardous materials such as oil, coolant, and batteries are properly disposed of, according to environmental standards.

Contact Us

Our office is located at
635 Laguna Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Thursday
7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, alternate Fridays

Correspondence can be directed to
PO Box 1990
Santa Barbara, CA 93102

(805) 564-5402
Gary Horwald, Fleet Manager

 Team photo of Fleet Management staff

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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