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Strategic Energy Plan

In June, 2017, City Council adopted a goal of 100% renewable electricity for the City of Santa Barbara community by 2030.

The City is currently developing a Strategic Energy Plan (SEP) that aims to design innovative strategies to meet Council’s ambitious goal and identify resource needs required to develop renewable energy projects as well as innovative programs and policies that will facilitate the transition to renewable electricity.

Only 8% of the electrical use in Santa Barbara is used by Municipal Operations, leaving 92% of the load to be addressed by community adoption of SEP strategies. Because of this, the City finds it crucial to receive significant input from community stakeholders.

The SEP is currently in draft, and no decisions have been made, but we invite you to spend some time looking at the documents in their draft form.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Alelia Parenteau, Energy Program Supervisor:

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Phone: 805-564-5474

Draft Documents

Strategic Energy Plan Overview

This document is intended for the community to understand the context of the SEP and the reason that Council considers it so important. It also provides a very high level overview of the proposed plan strategies.

You can view the draft Overview here.

Detailed Strategy Descriptions

This document is intended for staff use in order to help guide, build and implement each strategy. This is a very detailed, technical overview of each strategy.

You can view the draft Detailed Strategy Descriptions here.

Community Resource Potential

This document outlines the community renewable resource potential and opportunities for local and regional renewable system development.

You can view the draft Community Resource Potential document here.

Contact Us

Alelia Parenteau
Energy Program Supervisor
Phone: 805-564-5474
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June, 2017 Council adopts 100% Renewable Electricity Goal

December, 2018 Initial strategy presentation to Council Sustainability Committee Meeting

February, 2019 Strategy Update to Council

March 14, 2019 Community Stakeholder Forum

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2019
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