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Facility Management ProgramsPublic Works

Building Maintenance:

We provide operational, maintenance and construction services to City-owned facilities to maintain a clean, safe and functional environment in which to conduct City business.

Capital Projects:

We manage the design and construction of projects on City Facilties ranging from capital renewal, tenant improvements, code upgrades, major maintenance, energy efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy installations.

Communications Systems:

We provide and maintain the citywide radio, telephone, microwave, Combined Communication Center (911) and associated electronic communication systems, ensuring uninterrupted high quality communication operations.

Custodial Services:

We provide custodial service to specified City-owned facilities to ensure a clean and safe environment for staff and the public.

Energy Management:

We provide energy management for City Facilities including energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, utility bill analyses, grant funding applications, greenhouse gas emmission tracking, and long range energy planning.

Environmental Compliance:

We properly manage and dispose of hazardous materials, and comply with State regulations applying to City-owned and operated fueling stations with Underground Storage Tanks, Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks and Site Mitigation Units.


Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017
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