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Next Phase of Police Station Project

Phase 1 of the new Police Station project, which recommended a new building footprint and size based on assessment of the Police Department's needs, was completed this summer. On August 14, the City Council approved the next phase of the new Police Station project. Phase 2 – Site Selection will entail considering all City-owned properties as potential candidates to accommodate a new Police Station and parking structure based on the site criteria generated from Phase 1. These sites ideally will be located in the Downtown area and not in the flood zone. Concurrent with analyzing City-owned properties, staff is also pursuing other properties that may provide a more ideal site.

Phase 2 will consider potential sites for the new station and parking structure, and includes preliminary environmental review and public outreach. Updates will be provided this fall to Fire & Police Commission, Planning Commission, Parks & Recreation Commission, Neighborhood Advisory Council, and an ad hoc subcommittee of City Council. The dates for the three community workshops can be found under Projects Resources.

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018
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