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Santa Barbara Police Station Project

Why this Project?

The existing Santa Barbara City Police Station, located at 215 East Figueroa Street, was constructed in 1959. Since that time, there have been substantial increases in both City population and Police Department staff. In addition, the building does not meet modern seismic safety and accessibility standards. Together, growth and insufficient building standards have created the need for a new, accessible, and modernized facility.

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What's Happening

Santa Barbara Police Station Neighborhood Preview Meeting

November 9, 2020 

On Monday, November 9, the City held a virtual neighborhood preview meeting for those within 300’ from the proposed project site. As neighborhood outreach is a part of every large project, the Covid-19 circumstances required that this outreach be virtual and provided information about the project and the opportunity to ask questions. the recording of the meeting is available for those interested and can be accessed here by clicking here.

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Progress over the past year

October 14, 2020 

Much has happened over this past year on the Police Station Project and great progress has been made since City Council selected the Cota Commuter Parking Lot as the preferred site alternative for environmental review. As part of the preliminary environmental review, the Cota site was thoroughly studied, and 30% plans for the Police Station were created.

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Informational Meetings Schedule

October 17, 2018 

Phase 2 of the new City Police Station Project is underway. Phase 2 considers potential sites for the new City Police Station and parking structure. During this phase, we invite the community to learn more about the site selection process by attending one of the scheduled informational meetings. Please see schedule of opportunities here. To stay up-to-date, check back on this page and/or enter your email address into the “Stay Informed” box near the top of the page.

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Next Phase of Police Station Project

September 27, 2018 

Phase 1 of the new Police Station project, which recommended a new building footprint and size based on assessment of the Police Department's needs, was completed this summer. On August 14, the City Council approved the next phase of the new Police Station project.

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Last Updated: Sep 19, 2020
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