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Eastside Community Paseos

Why This Project?

The Eastside neighborhood of Santa Barbara has a propensity for walking and biking and it needs safe and easy connections. The neighborhood lacks alternatives to biking along the high-speed, busy Milpas Street corridor, which carries over 20,000 vehicles per day and saw 18 bike-involved collisions between 2011-2015. Walking can also be an uneasy experience for residents, with missing sidewalks and inadequate crossings in some locations. With a focus on low-vehicular streets, the Eastside Community Paseos will provide a safe route to local schools and parks, encouraging students to bike or walk. It will also create a crosstown bike network by connecting to the Westside Community Paseos Project. Key features will include improved crosswalks, pedestrian refuge islands, new sidewalk, landscaped peninsulas, traffic diverters, and green striping where bike lanes extend through intersections.

Formerly named the Eastside Green Lanes and Bike Boulevard Gap Closure Project, the project emerged from community input in the Eastside Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan (2013) and the Bicycle Master Plan (2016). The project will build also upon Santa Barbara’s Vision Zero Strategy, which is to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. Find out more about the project below.  

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What's Happening

Eastside Community Paseos Construction Update

April 21, 2022 

The construction of the Eastside Community Paseos Project will begin in summer of 2022. Signage will be posted throughout the project area at least a week in advance to notify community members of the upcoming activity. For questions during the construction phase, please contact Mathew Rojas, Project Engineer, at

For more information about the project, please click here for the Eastside Community Paseos Project information sheet.

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Eastside Community Paseo Corridor Webinar Held

December 17, 2020 

Public Works staff held a webinar on December 9 to update the community on biking and pedestrian safety improvements planned for the Eastside Neighborhood and through the Downtown to the Eastside. During this public outreach process, community members provided questions and feedback that will help refine the final design of the Eastside Community Paseos. If you missed the webinar, you may view it at the following link. To provide feedback and questions, please contact us at

Recording of Webinar:

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2021
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