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What Can I Expect During Construction?Public Works

Homeowner & Business Considerations

Trenching: The new Desal Link pipeline will be installed in a new trench in the street underneath existing utilities. To ensure that private sewer laterals and water line connections are maintained, the City is taking the following steps:

1. Pre Construction

Public and private sewer line video inspections will be performed before construction, and no service disruptions will occur. Videos will be available to property owners upon request.

2. Construction

Sewer lines will be visually inspected during construction. If lateral pipes are impacted, the City’s contractor will repair pipes within the trench. In some areas, water lines and sewer mains will be replaced. There will be some water service disruptions. Detailed information will be provided to affected property owners and residents prior to this work.

3. Post Construction

Sewer lines will be inspected via video after construction, and no service disruptions are expected. New water lines will be pressure tested, flushed, and tested for water quality.

Parking: During construction, parking on the active 3-block street section will be restricted.

Work Hours: Most work will occur during business hours to avoid nighttime noise. To keep access to businesses open, some work will occur at night in commercial areas.

For more information, please contact:
Carson Wollert, P.E. Supervising Engineer • 805-564-5376


Last Updated: Aug 16, 2021
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