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Exceptions to Prohibition on Oversized Vehicle ParkingPublic Works

Oversized Vehicles are prohibited from parking in the public-right-of way, with some limited exceptions. The following oversized vehicles are exempt from these restrictions:

• Vehicles belonging to or under contract with federal, state, or local government authorities.
• Emergency vehicles, as defined by California Vehicle Code Section 165.
• Specialized vehicles actively engaged in news reporting.
• Commercial vehicles actively engaged in loading or unloading may park for up to thirty (30) minutes.
• Oversized vehicles belonging to or under contract with a public utility may park on the street between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM, or while providing necessary or emergency services during other hours. “Public utilities” include providers of gas, water, trash, or electric service, as well as cable television corporations operating pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 216.4.
• Inoperable vehicles undergoing emergency repairs may park for up to four (4) hours.
• Buses may park in areas specifically posted to allow bus parking for a prescribed time; or in other locations for up to two (2) hours.
• Any oversized vehicle that has been issued and is displaying a Temporary Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit.
• Any oversized vehicle displaying both a valid disabled placard or license plate and a valid Oversized Vehicle Disability Parking Permit.
• Any oversized commercial vehicle that has been issued and is displaying a Contractors Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit.

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017
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