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Oversized Vehicle Parking OrdinancePublic Works

Oversized vehicles are prohibited from parking on-street in the City of Santa Barbara unless they qualify for an exemption or have been issued a permit.

These restrictions were adopted by the Santa Barbara City Council on November 15, 2016 to protect public safety by limiting the negative impacts of Oversized Vehicles on visibility and traffic flow on the City’s narrow, historic streets. The ordinance is available to view here: SBMC 10.44.220.

An “oversized vehicle” is any vehicle or combination of connected vehicles that exceeds any one of the following measurements:

  • 25 feet long, OR
  • 80 inches (6’8”) wide, OR
  • 82 inches (6’10’) high.

Pickup trucks may exceed the 80-inch width limit, so long as they meet both the height and length restrictions. Trucks with utility beds are not "pickup trucks" within the meaning of the ordinance or Vehicle Code section 471. For details on how vehicles are measured, click here.

To learn more about vehicles that are exempt from these parking restrictions, click here.

To check eligibity or apply for a Temporary or Annual Oversize Vehicle Parking Permit, click here

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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017
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