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Expansion of Residential Parking Area MPublic Works


Resident Permit Parking on the Mesa helps alleviate parking congestion caused by commuter students parking on residential streets adjacent to Santa Barbara City College.

In response to a petition by residents of the 400 and 500 blocks of La Marina, City Council has directed the Traffic Engineer to begin the process of expanding Permit Parking Area M.  To address the future needs of Mesa residents should commuter student parking continue to spread further from City College, the City proposes expanding the boundaries of Area M to encompass the new area shown below:

Streets located in Area M are eligible to have Resident Permit Parking restrictions posted, and residents are eligible to purchase on-street parking permits.

The current proposal involves ONLY the expansion of the boundaries of Area M. 

At this time, the City is not proposing to post any new permit parking restrictions or modify any existing permit parking restrictions.

Make your Voice Heard!

We want to hear from you!  Resident support is an important part of the City’s decision-making process for expanding Area M.  Questions and comments should be directed to Sarah Clark, Parking Resource Specialist.  You may provide feedback via:


Phone: 805.564.5656

City of Santa Barbara, Downtown Parking Program, 1221 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


The Expansion Process

Expansion of a Permit Parking Area is governed by Chapter 10.46 of the City’s Municipal Code.  The following is an outline of the process for establishing or expanding a PPA, annotated to show how each step relates to the Area M expansion process:

    1. Residents of a neighborhood work together to define the boundaries of the proposed new or expanded PPA.

    Expansion of Area M was originally requested only by residents of the 400 and 500 blocks of La Marina. However, City staff have received complaints about student parking from residents of other streets as well. Because staff believes there may be an interest in permit parking on streets not included in the original request, staff proposed a much larger expansion area to avoid having to process a patchwork of multiple requests.

    2. Residents must demonstrate their interest in permit parking by submitting a petition signed by residents of 70% of the dwelling units in the proposed new PPA to the City’s Downtown Parking program.

    Residents of the 400 and 500 blocks of La Marina submitted a petition. Staff will use the public outreach process and public meeting to gauge resident interest beyond these two blocks.

    3. City staff will verify that the petition meets the 70% requirement.

    The La Marina petition did meet the 70% requirement.

    4. Staff will request City Council permission to initiate the process of expanding a PPA.

    City Council approved this request on December 8, 2015. The staff report is available here.

    5. The City will conduct one or more public meetings to provide information to residents and take public comment.

    Residents may contact the Parking Resource Specialist directly at or 805.564.5656. Residents will also be able to give public comment when the final proposal is heard by City Council.

    6. Staff will conduct a parking study in the proposed new PPA.

    Staff completed the parking study in March.

    7. Staff will deliver their findings and recommendations to Council.

    Staff anticipates returning to City Council with findings and recommendations in July 2016.                

Once new boundaries of Area M have been established, residents of this new area may petition the City to have permit parking restrictions posted on their block(s).  For more information, please see the Area M FAQ.

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2018
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