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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parking Operation UpdatesPublic Works

 Downtown Parking lots remain open. Parking fees are suspended.



The Downtown Parking Office is CLOSED.  Most of our services may be handled through email or mail.


Temporary Curbside Service Zones

The City is offering temporary Curbside Service Zones to provide priority parking for businesses continuing to offer takeout and delivery services.  For more information, please contact Sarah Clark at or call 805-564-5656.


Commuter / Monthly Permits

Mail payments to 735 Anacapa Street / Santa Barbara, CA 93101 and note account # on memo line

To cancel a permit, please email



Residential Parking Permits

Enforcement of Residential Permit Parking is suspended until further notice.

Application and Procedures are available at

Mail application to 1221 Anacapa Street / Santa Barbara, CA 93101

  • Include:  Vehicle Registration, Mail, Lease / Proof of Home Ownership, Payment ($35/permit)
  • Please allow 10 business days for processing. 
  • Parking Permit Area M will NOT be enforced while City College campus is closed

Q:     How do I get information about adding Residential Permit Parking to my street?

A:     We will not be processing new requests during the coronavirus-related closure, but once we have reopened we will be happy to provide information on that process.  Please contact Meghan Salas, Parking Resources Specialist, at


Q:    Are Resident Parking Permit areas subject to enforcement during the coronavirus (COVID-19) related closure?

A:    Parking Enforcement will not be enforcing timed parking restrictions in RPP areas during the closure.

Q:   Do I need to move my vehicle for street sweeping?

A:    Residential street sweeping has been suspended during the coronavirus-related closure.  You do not need to move your vehicle from residential street sweeping zones. 


Q:   Are you still processing RPP applications?

A:    We are still processing any RPP applications received through the mail.  In order to process your application through the mail, we will need the following items:

·         Completed Application:

·         Copy of current vehicle registration in applicant’s name.

·         Copy of utility bill, insurance bill, bank statement, credit card statement, or other piece of official mail showing the applicant’s name and mailing address.  The piece of mail must be from within the last 60 days.  We cannot accept mail which only shows a service address.

·         For new applicants:

·         A copy of your lease agreement (we will need the page showing the applicant’s name, address, and lease term, as well as the signature page showing the landlord’s name and signature).

·         Or proof of home ownership (homeowner’s insurance, property tax statement, etc.)

·           Payment by check in the amount of $35/permit.

·           Mail to:  1221 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.


Q:  I would like to apply by mail, but I do not have access to a copier or printer.

A:  You may email your documents to along with a message explaining that you will be mailing your payment check separately.  Once we receive payment, we will mail out the permits.


Q:  What if I do not have a checkbook, envelope, or a stamp to mail my application?

A:  There will be plenty of time once we reopen to come into our office to submit your application.  We have asked Parking Enforcement to offer a grace period from enforcement once our office reopens.  We will also have the ability to issue temporary permits through email at that time.  We will ensure plenty of opportunity for residents to renew, or apply for permits prior to resuming enforcement.


Q:  How will I know when enforcement will resume?

A:  The best place to receive updates is our website at  You may also contact us at with any further questions. 


Bike Spot

Temporarily closed

No new memberships will be issued at this time

Email to arrange access to pick-up personal belongings.


Last Updated: Apr 1, 2020
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