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School Crossing Guard ProgramPolice Department SBPD

 Crossing GuardThe Santa Barbara Police Department employs sixteen school crossing guards who are responsible for crossing children at eleven elementary schools in the city.

The crossing guard’s primary duty is to see that children cross the street in marked crosswalks and in a manner that provides for their maximum safety.

The crossing guards are hired, trained, and supervised by the Traffic Supervisor at the Police Department.

The crossing guards work morning and afternoon shifts, and in some cases, more than one crossing guard is assigned to a school depending on its location and the number of busy streets crossed by children near the school.

Crossing Guards ensure the safety of children crossing at busy intersections near the schools they attend. They work morning and afternoon shifts and take time to get to know the children they supervise.

Interested in being a School Crossing Guard? Contact the Santa Barbara Police Department at 897-2300.

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014
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