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Cadet ProgramPolice Department SBPD

Cadets are college students between the age of 18 and 22 who work part time as civilian employees for the Santa Barbara Police Department and generally have an interest in a career in law enforcement.

Cadets have assignments throughout the department providing assistance in such areas as the Detective Bureau, the Shooting Range, the Training and Recruitment Bureau, Parking Enforcement and Crossing Guard Coordinator. Assignments are all rotating, giving cadets experience in all areas of the department. Being part time and working 20 hours a week with flexible shifts, cadets have no problems balancing work and school.

In addition with their regular duties, cadets also provide traffic and crowd control for parades and other special events. Cadets also have the opportunity to assist at DUI checkpoints and alcohol undercover stings. After one year of experience and good work habits, Cadets can qualify for a pay increase and promotion to Cadet II.

*This position is currently suspended until further notice*

Cadet I: $15.30 / hourly
Cadet II: $16.30 / hourly

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2021
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