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Special TeamsPolice Department SBPD

Special Enforcement Team (SET) & 

Nightlife Management Team (NET)

The Special Enforcement Team consists of a Sergeant and four officers who work very closely with County Probation and other Law Enforcement agencies, addressing issues that are associated to Juvenile Gang crimes. This team also works with community based organizations in coordinating anti-gang educational programs for juveniles, their parents and families.

The Nightlife Management Team work closely with the Restaurant and Bar Association and other Community groups as they coordinate efforts to keep the heavily traveled, festive, downtown area safe and enjoyable for everyone. Some programs that have proven to be beneficial are The Restaurant and Bar Security classes and Responsible Beverage Server classes.

Drinking Driver Team (DDT)

D.D.T. officers are specially trained to detect alcohol and/or drug impaired drivers. Their expertise also provides higher conviction rates and reduced court costs.

We have officers assigned to the Drinking Driver Team. They are generally assigned Thursday through Sunday. Their primary mission is the detection and arrest of people driving vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and/or other controlled substances. They are supervised by a patrol supervisor.

In addition to the drivers whom D.D.T. officers apprehend themselves, they assist patrol officers with "Driving Under the Influence" (D.U.I.) investigations. When a patrol officer has a possible D.U.I. driver stopped, a D.D.T. officer will take over the investigation, allowing the patrol officer to return to his other duties.

The D.D.T. Team urges community members to have a sober driver, utilize taxis, or ride-share services if you are consuming alcoholic beverages. If you see an impaired driver, call 9-1-1. 

Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

The Street Crimes Unit is comprised of one Sergeant and several officers. These personnel are a versatile and flexible unit that works special problem areas in the city. They vary their work schedules and deployment tactics based on the problems they are assigned to resolve.

In March of 1983 the Street Crimes Task Force was formed to address complaints arising from the downtown area. These complaints ranged from public intoxication and panhandling to drug dealing and assaults. 

The primary responsibility of SCU is street crime in the central and beachfront business districts. These officers are not assigned calls for service in order to allow them time to proactively address specific street crime and nuisance issues such as public intoxication, aggressive panhandling, and drug use and sales. The mission of the Street Crime Unit's goal is to make the downtown area safe not only in reality but also in perception.

In addition to enforcing the law, SCU officers work closely with the downtown community to find long term solutions to problems. Under the philosophy of Community Oriented Problem Solving (C.O.P.S.), the Street Crimes Unit has developed a partnership with the downtown community to keep our downtown area alive and vital. Our success downtown is directly related to this relationship. We now know that security downtown is not simply identified as the statistical probability of being victimized. It is also a subjective feeling that can be produced by eliminating the signs of crime and by establishing consistent, reliable, personalized police service to citizens. Enhancing this sense of security is the key to successful policing.

To this end, in March of 1992 the Street Crimes Unit began using bicycles as a means of increasing our visibility and presenting ourselves as police officers who are approachable, thus encouraging interaction with downtown citizens. This high level of approachability rivals that of the traditional foot patrol officer. SCU officers pride themselves on knowing everyone on their beat from the merchants to the lowest down and out transients. The enthusiastic acceptance of bicycle patrol by the community has made it an invaluable police program.

As many violators of the law have discovered, the bicycles’ fast and silent operation provides police dealing with street crime with an element of surprise. Bicycle patrol has been so successful that SCU officers now use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation.

Although uniformed bicycle patrol is their standard method of operation, the Street Crimes Unit also utilizes uniformed foot patrol and plainclothes tactics to accomplish its mission.

The Department has made a major commitment to the utilization of bicycle and foot patrol as a regular deployment method. Bicycle patrol has been a positive public relations program as well as a very effective enforcement tool. Foot and bicycle patrol officers are deployed in the central business district and beachfront area on a regular basis and are used for special events (parades, athletic events, etc.) and selective enforcement operations. The Department has developed a State approved bicycle patrol training program and uses specially equipped professional quality bicycles.

Last Updated: Aug 5, 2021
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