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Santa Barbara Police Authority Letter

 **  UPDATED INFORMATION AS OF 12-07-18  ** 

The SBPD Authority Letter is now submitted online – please read both the information below and see the link to submit the form directly into our system.  

The SBPD Authority Letter is completed by the business/property owner, manager, or an authorized designee. The letter authorizes the SBPD to enter the location after the property is posted as CLOSED to enforce law violations and make any necessary arrests. These violations include, but are not limited to, illegal lodging, public intoxication, and prowling.

If an arrest is made at the property, the individual who has signed the letter agrees to appear in court to assist in the prosecution of any arrest made pursuant to this letter.

The Authority Letter is valid for twelve (12) months, as specified by the person who fills out the Authority Letter. It is the business/property owner’s responsibility to renew the Authority Letter after the twelve month time frame. 

You are required to have a NO TRESPASSING sign posted in view on the property.

You are required to post a CLOSED sign when the property is closed. 

We recommend that you post the Authority Letter in a window so that an officer sees it when addressing a problem. This expedites police assistance.

Submit your SBPD Authority Letter via this link:

With this direct link, your information is deposited directly into our system.

If necessary, you may also download the paper form by clicking HERE and submit by mail to:

Attn: Authority Letter
Santa Barbara Police Department
215 E Figueroa St
Santa Barbara CA  93101

Last Updated: Dec 5, 2018
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