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The Beat Coordinator Detail was formed with the idea of returning to the traditional concept of the "Beat Officer". When both the City and the Police Department were smaller, there existed a more intimate or "one on one" relationship between the officer and area or "beat" she or he worked. The officer knew the people and unique problems of her or his beat and the people knew the officer. As the City and police Department grew, this type of relationship became harder to maintain. Although an officer could be working one area one day, she or he could be working a different area the next. Beat coordinators orchestrate many of the cities public and private resources which all contribute to combating community problems by using Community Oriented Problem Solving, or the "COPS" philosophy.

"COPS" is a combined effort between the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Community to solve problems on a long-term basis. Each member of the Santa Barbara Police Department embraces this philosophy. Using the "COPS" concept, Beat Coordinators work with all divisions of the Police Department and other city departments to create a better quality of life and safer environment for all those who live in and visit Santa Barbara.

This partnership between the Police Department and the Community has brought the Santa Barbara Police Department to the forefront of Community Policing in the nation.

The map below shows the City of Santa Barbara divided into 6 Beats.  

Santa Barbara Beat Map

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2021
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