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Can the Resident Discount be revoked?

A Resident Discount is valid for all family members living at the same household address. The discount will be revoked if the family moves outside of City limits; if the discount is transferred to or used by a nonfamily member; or if the identity of family members or the residence address has been falsified.

Does each member of my family have to register?

Families need only to register one person (adult) for the entire family to qualify. All family members should be registered in CLASS. All family members must live at the same address.

How do I prove that I am a City resident?

You must present, in person, a current California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License or ID Card with a Santa Barbara City street address and zip code of residence. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable. A copy of a recent water, gas or electric bill, property tax bill or cable bill is also acceptable for residence eligibility.

How do I qualify?

You must register as a City resident to receive your Parks and Recreation Resident Discount.

How does the Resident Discount Program work?

Santa Barbara City residents are eligible to receive a 10% discount on designated fees paid for activities, programs and a 20% discount on facility rentals offered through the City’s Parks & Recreation Department with a Resident Discount.

When and where can I get my Resident Discount?

Park & Recreation Administrative Offices
620 Laguna Street
8am-6pm, Monday-Thursday
8am-5pm Friday (closed on alternate Fridays)
Carrillo Recreation Center
100 E. Carrillo Street
9am-9pm, Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday
9am-1pm Saturday
Cabrillo Pavilion Bathhouse
1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd.
8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
Los Baños Pool
401 Shoreline Drive
7:30am-9am, 12-2pm Monday-Friday

When would I use my Resident Discount?

  • Drop-In Registrations: when registering on-site for activities and when reserving facilities, write your membership number on your Activity Registration form.
  • Internet Registrations: eRecreation registrants with valid Resident Discount will receive the resident discount automatically upon checkout.
  • Mail-In Registrations: Write your Resident Discount membership number on the mail-in registration forms.

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2013
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