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Who We AreParks & Recreation

The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department proudly offers a wide range of parks, facilities, and programs designed to serve the needs of the community. The staff of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to providing the best possible activities and facilities for your enjoyment.

In a continuous effort to improve our services, we encourage you to contact us with questions, comments, and concerns. Our website is a work-in-progress as our programs and services expand throughout the year. Check in often!

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the Department is:

  • to provide clean and safe parks, beaches and recreation facilities.
  • to enhance Santa Barbara's beauty.
  • to promote stewardship of resources.
  • to provide quality recreation and cultural experiences and community services to benefit the quality of life for Santa Barbara residents.

Code of Conduct

The benefits of Parks and Recreation Programs are numerous. Recreation is essential to personal health. Participation in parks and recreation programs enhances the quality of life and can build strong families and healthy communities.

In order to ensure the quality and enjoyment of parks and recreation programs and to promote a safe and positive atmosphere for the programs, all participants, staff, parents and persons involved with the programs (i.e. spectators, coaches, volunteers, etc.) shall abide by the following Code of Conduct, which shall apply to all participants in Parks and Recreation Programs:

No activities that unreasonably interfere with other participants’ use of Parks and Recreation programs and facilities are allowed. These prohibited activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical abuse or assault
  • Verbal abuse
  • Fighting or challenging to fight
  • Making violent and threatening statements
  • Engaging in or soliciting any sexual act
  • Damaging or destroying Parks and Recreation property.

Program rules and regulations shall be observed at all times.

Other Prohibited Conduct

All Parks and Recreation Facilities and Grounds

  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.
  • The following are prohibited: weapons, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes or vape pens) inside Parks and Recreation facilities or anywhere on Parks and Recreation property.
  • Leaving animals unattended anywhere on Parks and Recreation property. Animals must remain under the control of their owners, per Santa Barbara Municipal Code §6.08.020.
  • Personal belongings may not be left unattended in any Parks and Recreation facility or park grounds after closing time. Unattended items will be removed and are subject to the City of Santa Barbara Policy on Lost and Unclaimed Personal Property, and Abandoned Property Found on City-Owned Property.
  • Refusing to leave Parks and Recreation premises at closing time.

Park and Recreation Indoor Facilities

  • Entering Parks and Recreation programs and facilities with animals other than service animals authorized by the American with Disabilities Act. 
  • Indoor facility users are limited to one bag for recreation equipment, apparel, and toiletries.
    Bedding, sleeping bags, bed-rolls, and blankets (blankets for small children are acceptable) cannot be brought into

Parks and Recreation facilities

  • Wheelchairs and strollers are allowed for the actual transport of a person. 
  • At no time, may persons deposit personal belongings in Parks and Recreation indoor facilities and leave the premises.
  • Unattended items will be removed and are subject to the City of Santa Barbara Policy on Lost and Unclaimed Personal Property, and Abandoned Property Found on City-Owned Property.
  • Disturbing anyone with loud and/or unreasonable noise, including, but not limited to, talking loudly on cell phones, and the use of electronic devices such as radios and music players. 
  • Emitting strong, pervasive odors, including odors caused by perfume or poor personal hygiene, so as to interfere with patrons’ ability to participate in programs or use of the facility. 

 Any City representative responsible for officiating, supervising, or otherwise operating a parks and recreation program shall have authority to enforce the terms of this Code, as authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation, empowered by Municipal Code Section 15.16.220.

Failure of any person to abide by this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action consistent with the Code of Conduct Enforcement Procedure. Minors, under the age of 18, are required to have a parent or legal guardian sign the registration form required for participation in any program.

Code of Conduct Enforcement Procedure

Minor Violation 

Examples: Use of profanity, failure to follow facility or program rules, or direction from staff.

  • Supervisor, staff or instructor gives verbal warning 
  • Participant immediately complies 

Major Violation 

Examples: Confrontational behavior to staff or others, compromises to safety, damage to facility, repetitive minor occurrences, failure to correct behavior after verbal warning. 

  • Supervisor, staff or instructor asks participant to immediately leave program or facility. Participant will be suspended at a minimum of one full week.
  • Immediate verbal notification of Manager, and incident report completed and filed 

Extreme Violation 

Examples: Fighting, extremely confrontational behavior, breaking the law, harassment, repetitive incidents. 
  • Immediate participant removal (using Police action if necessary) 
  • Immediate verbal notification of Recreation Manager, and incident report completed and filed 
  • Supervisor recommends corrective measures 
  • Management review of incident to determine: 
    •  Length of suspension. Suspension periods may be seven days, 30 days, six months or one year. If Police are called due to refusal to leave the program or facility: Automatic suspension of at least six months
    • Conditions or restriction of future participation
    • Expulsion 
  • Recreation Manager sends letter to participant with determination, appeal process information and copy(ies) of incident report 

The above remedies may be cumulatively applied

Appeal Process 

No refund of fees shall be given for any suspension or expulsion from a program for violating the Code of Conduct. The Parks and Recreation Director shall review any expulsion or suspension. Anyone who has been suspended form Parks and Recreation programs and facilities may challenge the suspension. To request a review of the suspension:

Submit a Statement including the reasons for requesting an appeal. Sign, date, provide contact information, and deliver it to the Parks and Recreation Director within three (3) days of the start of the suspension. The written appeal will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee within 10 business days of the receipt of the request. The suspension will remain in in effect during the appeal process. The Parks and Recreation Director’s decision is final

Santa Barbara Municipal Code Section 2.30.030 – Duties of Director

The Parks and Recreation Director shall be responsible for the supervision and control of all personnel, materials, and equipment assigned to the Department and for the performance of the functions of the department, subject to the supervision of the City Administrator.

Right to Leisure

The pursuit of leisure is a condition necessary for human dignity and well being. Leisure is a part of a healthy lifestyle and a productive life. Every individual is entitled to the opportunity to express unique interest and pursue, develop and improve talents and abilities. People are entitled to opportunities and services in the most inclusive setting. The right to choose from a full array of recreation opportunities offered in diverse settings and environments and requiring different levels of competency should be provided.(National Therapeutic Recreation Society statement on inclusion)


The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to supporting the Americans With Disabilities Act to provide reasonable services and opportunities for those with special challenges and needs. If you require special accommodations for participation in our programs or in the use of our facilities, please call (805) 564-5421.

Refund Policies

Facility Refund Policy
A 100% refund of reservation fees will be given if rain causes the cancellation of an outdoor facility use and notification is received within five working days. All other cancellations of indoor or outdoor facility use must be made at least 30 working days prior to the use date. Reservation fees and application fees are non-refundable.

A portion of facility use fees may be refundable (check each facility’s policy). Security and key deposits will be refunded in full if conditions for refund are met.

Activity Refund Policy
A 100% refund will be given for activities cancelled by the Parks and Recreation Department. Refund requests made prior to the start of an activity will be granted without explanation, and will be subject to a 10% service charge. Refund requests made during the course of an activity will be prorated and then subject to a 10% service charge.

Summer Camp Registration and Refund Policies
To find our policies for summer camp registration and refunds, please visit the SB Parks and Rec Summer Camp Policies page:

Summer Camp Policies

Program Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a Recreation activity, we will refund your money in full (or give you credit toward a future program) if you make your request before the third meeting of the activity. This does not apply to facility rentals (see above), summer camps, adult sports leagues, the Santa Barbara Golf Club, or the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show. For service, call (805) 564-5418.

Privacy Policy for City Web Sites

See our City Internet Web Site Privacy Policy.

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